Reardens is Corks Biggest Sporting Venue, experience a Stadium like Arena every time you join in the atmosphere that is created in the bar from decoration and quality of Audio and visuals.  All Soccer, Gaa & Rugby matches are shown live on our 10f HQHD Screens as well as on  HD TV Screens located throughout the bar.  We also have Tiered seating which we bring out for the bigger games.  If you’re not at the match, Reardens is the next best thing for real match atmosphere. See below for an up to date listing of upcoming sporting events that will be shown in the bar. Drink promotions, competitions and giveaways run during the matches and always followed by Live music or a DJ.

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Champions League          01/04/2014         19.45     Barcelona v A. Madrid

Champions League          01/04/2014         19.45     Man Utd v Bay Munich

Champions League          02/04/2014         19.45     PSG v Chelsea

Champions League          02/04/2014         19.45     R. Mardrid v B. Dortmund

Heineken Cup                    05/04/2014         13.30     Munster Rugby v Toulouse

Premier League                05/04/2014         17.30     Chelsea v Stoke City

Heineken Cup                    05/04/2014         17.30     Ulster Rugby v Saracens

Heineken Cup                    06/04/2014         17.30     Toulon v Leinster Rugby

Premier League                06/04/2014         19.45     West Ham v Liverpool

Premier League                07/04/2014         20.00     Tottenham v Sunderland

Champions League          08/04/2014         19.45     B. Dortmund v R. Madrid

Champions League          09/04/2014         19.45     A. Madrid v Barcelona

Champions League          09/04/2014         19.45     Bay Munich v Man Utd

Rabo Direct                        12/04/2014         18.30     Munster Rugby v Glasgow Warriors

Premier League                13/04/2014         13.30     Liverpool v Man City

Premier League                13/04/2014         16.00     Swansea v Chelsea

Premier League                15/04/2014         19.45     Arsenal v West Ham

Premier League                19/04/2014         17.30     Hull City v Arsenal

Rabo Direct                        19/04/2014         18.15     Connacht Rugby v Munster Rugby

Premier League                20/04/2014         12.00     Norwich v Liverpool

Premier League                20/04/2014         14.05     Chelsea v Sunderland

Premier League                20/04/2014         16.10     Everton v Man Utd

Premier League                21/04/2014         20.00     Man City v West Ham

Premier League                26/04/2014         17.30     Man Utd v Norwich

Premier League                27/04/2014         14.05     Liverpool v Chelsea

Premier League                27/04/2014         16.10     C Palace v Man City

Premier League                28/04/2014         20.00     Arsenal v Man City

Premier League                30/03/2014         16.00     Liverpool v Spurs

Premier League                31/03/2014         20.00     Sunderland v West Ham